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The American Christian Voice is published under the direction of the Ozarks Christian Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit agency. Its primary purpose is to edify the body of Christ through inspirational articles of Christian faith and courage, educate the body of Christ through informative articles promoting the cultivation of a Christian world view, and encourage the body of Christ to support one another. We are dedicated to be Kingdom builders as we realize that our unity can only represent God in our diversity.

Our focus is on, and to, the invisible church which Jesus Christ said,"The gates of hell would not prevail against."

We announce the current events of the visible church, and we believe the body of Christ is made up of people who have found salvation by faith in Jesus Christ evidenced by the good works they are doing and have done.

We report the good as well as the bad within our church family as a testament for the necessity of a Savior. Our observations are made from a fairly moderate to conservative viewpoint. 

We encourage our readers to eschew religion and pursue a relationship with God through Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit, thus allowing an open mindedness to differing opinions on non-essential matters.

We strive not to be the fire alarm, but the fire extinguisher!

Please be advised that the contents of this publication often do not represent the positions held by many of the sponsors of the American Christian Voice (or for that matter, the publishers). Would you remember to favor the advertisers here in the ACV? They help keep our cover price so low.